Extra Mind & Cognitive Experience for your Loved One

Has your loved one “MET” their needs?

Along with the wellness of the body’s “Physical” needs and the body’s function in the environment “Occupational” needs with elder help, there is a fundamental need for continued wellness of the mind and spirit to meet “Mental” needs .

Senior Mind Enrichment - Senior Care - McMinnville, OR
Senior Mind Enrichment - Senior Care - McMinnville, OR


Your elderly loved one may have their physical needs met, but perhaps their social or mental well-being could use some extra support during their elder care. They may seem withdrawn or show little interest in “activities for seniors.” SME uses a different approach that has benefited seniors in feeling hopeful, optimistic and rejuvenated again. It is like one-on-one virtual travel and exploration for extra mind and cognitive experience.

What is SME?

SME is cognitive experience disguised as entertainment.

We begin with taking a quick survey to understand the interests, hobbies, travels, family history, and what entertains your loved one. SME brings the magic of the internet, via tablets, laptops and virtual reality to restore memories, inspire hope and invigorate mental wellness in your loved one.

Senior Mind Enrichment - Senior Care - McMinnville, OR

I am offering to volunteer time to visit with your loved one, whether they are in assisted living or in their own home. We provide the devices, you choose the experience based on your life, memories, loves and dreams.

We will have several visits to determine if SME is something your loved one enjoys. If this is the case, the need for a small fee will be assessed to cover internet expense and travel costs. 60min: $30 or 30min: $15.

Call me to learn more or to schedule your first meeting.

My Story

My name is Lea Ann Knorr. When my husband and I rescued his father from his living situation we loved having his warm experienced soul in our home. As time passed, however, we could no longer handle his progressive physical care needs. We found a wonderful place for him to have more assisted care and then another more skilled place after several falls… you know the story we all face as our parents age. The one common denominator I witnessed during his senior care was that every one of these places, although nice and meeting their physical needs, were not doing so well with meeting their mental needs. I noticed many of them (Dad included) who did not really participate in events that were offered, things like bingo, puzzles, crafts, musical entertainment and the like. They would either be sitting out somewhere in the facility or in their own rooms as each day slowly passed by. I realized there was a whole world out there that they could experience, but needed the window to come to them through technology.

I began the program to restore memories, inspire hope and invigorate mental wellness of my father-in-law. Now I will bring it to anyone who wants to travel down memory lane or venture somewhere new.

Senior Mind Enrichment - Senior Care - McMinnville, OR

Years of Employment

Recreation & Human Resource Industry, Legal Services, Education, Medical, Memory Care and Home Care Industry.

Education & Certifications

Univ. of Oregon, B.S.—Physical Education
Parks & Recreation Management, minor Business
Oregon State Univ.—Business Southern Oregon Univ.—Physical Education
Rogue Community College—Occupational Therapy
Pacific Healthcare—CMA, CNA
CPR, Acute Care, Basic Life Support & AED Certified.
Senior Mind Enrichment - Senior Care - McMinnville, OR
Serving McMinnville and Yamhill County

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